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Commercial Audio Video

Do You Need Permanent or Temporary A/V for Corporate Conferences?

For companies that have frequent conferences, it's easy to determine that you should have a permanent installation of A/V for corporate conferences. Such installations are usually put into dedicated conference rooms and are tuned to sound best in those specific areas. However, if your company only has a few, or even one, yearly conference, the decision about how to handle audiovisual needs isn't as straightforward.

If your business holds a single yearly conference, it's almost always best to go with rented A/V equipment from a professional commercial audio video company. Once the event is over, the equipment goes back to the AV company, and the room is returned to its regular use. This not only saves on expense, but eliminates the need to remodel the room to accommodate built-in speakers, screens, and wiring.

If there is a need to use the conference room for other purposes in between events, it is often best to go with a rental. This way, there won't be distracting screens and other audiovisual equipment left on the walls during the non-conference times. Even when a big screen is off, it attracts attention and makes it appear as if the room's main purpose is large presentations, thereby detracting from its usefulness for other things.

When the main goal is to give the best presentations possible, on the other hand, it's better to go with a permanent A/V installation. Then, wiring and equipment will be mounted on the walls or built-in, giving a more professional appearance and allowing the presenters to get full attention.

Cost, of course, is another factor. If you need the equipment often enough that a purchase will pay for itself, then it's best to buy your A/V for corporate conferences from a commercial audio video company you can trust. Either way, if you're in Texas, call Go Soundbox.

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